Potpourri & Dried Petal Wedding Confetti

Rose Potpourri and Lavender Potpourri for sale at Creative Dried Flowers, Ballarat, Vic. Place order by Mobile: 0412748270 or Email: fiona@creativedriedflowers.com

Creative Dried Flowers has for many years, been making beautiful looking dried Potpourri. All recipes are original and the potpourri is hand-made from Australian dried flowers and dried botanicals. The three most popular mixes are Rose Potpourri, Lavender Potpourri and  Australian Potpourri. These Potpourri mixes are made to be seen in open bowls, however the mixes can be used in small bags to scent wardrobes, drawers, and automobiles. The potpourri fixative used in these recipes is Orris root granules, grown and harvested on our farm near Ballarat, Vic. Only quality fragrance oil is used with orris root to fix the scent. This prolongs the life of the potpourri for several months.

How to make potpourri

This recipe makes 100g.

Weigh 10g orris root granules and place in clean dry jar with lid. Jam jar size is suitable. Add 5ml of rose fragrance oil to the granules. Close lid and shake the jar. Leave overnight. Next day or two, measure out 85g of dried rose petals in a large mixing bowl. Add contents of jar of orris root and stir. When well combined place the mix in a plastic bag (lock seal bags are best) and seal. Over the next 2-3 days shake the bag. At this stage more fragrance oil can be added to mix if prefer a stronger scent. Potpourri is now ready to use.

Try your own mixes, it is always enjoyable. However if you don't have time, or the ingredients, try one of my mixes. See photos below.....

Olde Rose Potpourri scented with Black Velvet Fragrance Oil. A mix of rose petals, small rosebuds, scented rose geranium leaf, orris root.

Victorian Lavender Potpourri scented with my own Lavender essential oil.  A mix of dried lavender flower buds, purple statice, blue Larkspur, tiny pink rosebuds, vanilla bean, orris root.

Australiana Potpourri scented with a blend of bush fragrance oils including eucalyptus, boronia, and wattle. A mix of native seed pods, nuts, sprigs of wattle, gum blossom, strawflowers, orris root. It has to be seen to be believed!


Dried lavender flower buds and Rose petals make delightful Confetti. No added oils and no orris root.


$15 per 100g

Victorian Lavender - $15 per 100g Contains lavender flower buds, tiny pink rosebuds, purple garden flowers


$15 per 100g

Australiana - $15 per 100g Contains Australian bush flowers and seedpods

Dried fruits/spices in Christmas potpourri

Christmas Spice - $15 per 100g

Christmas Spice - $15 per 100g


$25 per 100g

Olde Rose Potpourri - $25 per 100g Contains rose petals, rose geranium leaf, rosebuds

Dried Rose Petal Confetti available in choice of colours. Unscented. Lavender Confetti from flowerbuds locally grown, natural scent of Lavender.

Rose petals available in single colours of red, pink, cream or mixed colours

$20 per 100g

Single colours, pink,lemon,mauve, red for Confetti $20 per 100g


$10 per 100g

Lavender flower buds $10 per 100g


One cup of dried rose petals weighs approx 10gm

Rose petals mixed colours. $15 per 100g. One cup of dried rose petals weighs approx 10gm







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